German Shepherd who spent life on a chain is now offering free hugs to strangers

New owner of Herschel meets the dog for first time dog-happy
© Rocky Kanaka – YouTube

A GSD that spent five years chained up in two back gardens has been given a new lease of life courtesy of the hit TV show “Dog’s Day Out”. Read on to be inspired.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 17/12/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Meet six-year-old Herschel. Up until last year he had been chained up for his entire life. His first owner rarely fed the dog or showed him love, and left him on a short chain in the back garden throughout the year.

Herschel was eventually given up by his first owner only to be rehomed in an equally cruel setting. In 2018 the dog was handed in to workers at Michelson Found Animals, a rescue centre in Los Angeles. The sanctuary was Herschel's first taste of human kindness.

Michelson cared for Herschel and his health began to improve. The next step on the road to a long and happy life was rehoming.

German Shepherd re-homing

Re-homing a GSD is not an easy thing to do. Many people are wary of the breed and reluctant to adopt, especially if they have young children. Public nervousness tainted Herschel's rise from the ashes.

However, the manager of Michelson Found Animals knew of a TV show hosted by Rocky Kanaka . The Emmy Award nominated Dog's Day Out may just be the perfect way to highlight the plight of the breed in general and help out one hard-done-by individual.

Writes The Animal Rescue Site, “The show features dogs who have a difficult time finding a home, the goal being giving them the “best day they have ever had” and to get them noticed by potential adopters.”

Dog’s Day Out to the rescue

Thus featured in 2018 on the show, and receiving millions of offers of adoption, Herschel was eventually spotted by a family who live in Washington. Host Kanaka offered to drive the dog to the new forever home. On the way Kanaka stopped off to let Herschel experience things the dog had never experienced before.

Take a look at some of these videos of Herschel's journey. We guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face!