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100 days in the shelter: Why doesn’t anyone want Obi?

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Here at Wamiz, we strongly believe in adoption. So many pets are in need of loving homes! For most, young and beautiful, it's easy to find adopters. For others, it takes longer…

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 13/12/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

We first wrote about Obi in mid-September. When we read his description, we thought he would be adopted in no time! A calm senior with a lovable personality…what more could you ask for?

Still looking for that perfect home

Yet, Obi's description is still up on Battersea's website. We had hope for a while when we saw he was reserved, but now he’s just back on the adoptable dogs list with all the others. 100 days after we wrote our first article.

Why doesn't anyone want Obi?

Well, yes, it's true, he does come with some baggage.

He has some ongoing medical issues around his eyes, ears and skin. For this, he will need daily medication, which of course, comes with a cost. It also means his future adopters will need to be around most of the time. And, to help with his skin issues, he will need to be bathed at least twice a week. Plus, Obi is on a prescription diet. So sure, we get it, it's a lot to take care of.

But we think none of that matters compared to all the wonderful things you’d get from Obi in return.

Here are the top 5 reasons we think Obi would make the perfect pet:

- Battersea will help with the cost of his medication
- He is described by Battersea staff as affectionate and easy-going
- Getting into his golden years, Obi won’t need as much exercise as a young dog
- Obi knows how to sit and give a paw!
- Obi has THE BEST puppy dog eyes

Every dog deserves a loving home, even the ones whose faces are turning grey! If we could take him, we would. Do you think you could love on sweet Obi for the rest of his life?

If you think Obi could be the one for you, apply to rehome online or call Battersea’s rehoming line at 02076279234.