WATCH: Dramatic video footage as man saves neighbour's dog caught in elevator

Dog gets caught in moving lift dog-serious
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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This man was on hand at the perfect moment to save a Pomeranian whose lead had been caught in a moving lift.

By Natasha James

Published on the 15/12/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Dramatic scenes

Dramatic CCTV footage has emerged which captures the exact moment a man rescued a Pomeranian from almost certain injury.

The video shows Johnny Mathis, from Houston, Texas, as he casually walks out of an elevator and his neighbour walks in. The neighbour has her small dog on a stretchy lead and she enters the lift, not realising that her dog is still standing outside as the doors close.

Grave danger

A couple of seconds pass and the dog stands alone at the elevator as her lead rises. Thankfully, Johnny turns back and immediately realises the danger that the little dog is in.

What follows is a furious race against the clock as the man tries to unhook the leash from the dog's collar before it's too late. We see the lead continuing to rise higher and higher and can only imagine what would have happened to the little dog if Johnny hadn't exited the lift at the exact moment that he did.

A frantic struggle

After a frantic struggle, the man releases the dog and can be seen stroking and comforting it as he calls the lift, presumably to return the dog to its, no doubt, frantic owner.

Johnny said,

“Instinct just kicked in. I just grabbed that leash. There was so much fur, that’s why it took me a bit to get that lever off of the collar and when I did, I let go, you could see that leash just shoot off to the top of the elevator.”

He said that the owner “started screaming as soon as the door shut and was bawling her eyes out when it came back down, she thought the worst poor [thing]. I’m thankful I was there at the right time to help.”

You're not the only one Johnny, we're all glad.

Watch the hair-raising video here: