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Who can give beautiful Larry a firm (but extra loving) hand?

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It's so rewarding to adopt a pet from a shelter. Often, you're helping an animal blossom into his true personality, and what could be more beautiful than that?

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 12/12/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

This week, we're introducing you to Larry, the German Shepherd cross. Larry is located at Battersea's Brands Hatch centre and is looking for an experienced pair of hands to guide him through his training.

Larry's ideal environment

Larry is an active dog who will need lots of space to burn off all his excess energy. However, he’s not so great in crowds, so he'd prefer to live somewhere in the countryside, where he can go for quiet, undisturbed walks. He would also love to find a home with a large garden where he'll be able to hang out and play!

He’s got a BIG personality, so would do best in an adult-only household and would also prefer to be the only pet in his family. Whoever takes him on must be an experienced dog owner – no newbies here!

Taking care of Larry

Larry is almost 5 years old, which means he’s got at the very least another 6 years ahead of him! Any potential owners must think of the long-term commitment Larry will be!

Larry has a beautiful long coat which will need to be groomed thoroughly at least once a week – and certainly more if you're taking long walks in muddy country trails every day!

Training Larry

The biggest thing you have to consider if you want to take Larry on board is his training needs. Larry can be reactive with other dogs, and since he's quite large, precautions must be taken when out on walks. It's very important that new owners understand dog body language and be ready to commit lots of time to guiding Larry in his interactions with dogs. It's also very important the future adopter is in good physical health, and is prepared to manage a dog of this size and temperament. Though Battersea will demonstrate all aspects of the training they have started with him, they are looking for experienced adopters only!

Smart boy Larry

The great thing about Larry is that you should get amazing results with his training if you put in the time and effort. He is very smart and playful (tennis balls are his absolute favourite), which is very encouraging for training sessions! Plus, Larry is very responsive to positive association and reward training.


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Though he can seem quite wary or even uninterested in new people, like every dog, he does enjoy getting spoiled with affection. He just needs to get to know you first! And if you've got a tennis ball in hand – you’re already half way to a happily ever after!

If you think Larry could be the one for you, apply to rehome online or call Battersea’s rehoming line at 02076279234.