Can you take your dog with you to the polling booth?

We love the 'dogs at polling booths' meme dog-wow
© hugoandursula & lecorgi - Instagram

Pictures of dogs at polling stations have become something of a phenomenon in recent years but are you allowed to take your dog with you to vote?

By Natasha James

Published on the 13/12/2019, 09:05, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

If you take to social media on polling day then it’s highly likely that you'll see all manner of pooches as they wait patiently outside the polling station. But, are dogs allowed in with you? The answer is a resounding yes, providing, of course, that they are kept well under control.

In fact, pets are so accepted that you're even allowed to ride your horse to the polling station. Although we imagine they'd have to stay outside and this might not be ideal if you live in the middle of a busy city.

As yesterday was voting day, we've scoured the internet and found some of our favourite voting dogs. Which one is your favourite?

1. The Corgi who's just happy to vote

Whatever your political allegiance, this pooch is just delighted to exercise his rights!


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2.    This dog who can’t find the polling booth

This dog has looked left, he’s looked right, but he cannot find his nearest polling station anywhere.


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3. The dog who has voted for the most treats

We choose who to cast our vote for based on their manifesto. This doggo has politely asked us which politician has promised the most treats.


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4. This pretty pooch who sat like a good boy

Thankfully, it's unlikely that we'll ever get into a heated political debate with our furry friend. Especially when they're this well behaved.


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5. This pair of Retrievers who just love to vote

The freshly sharpened pencils, the tick boxes. These guys love everything about polling day!


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6. Dilyn sets a perfect example

This is what it's like being a politician's dog! No days off!