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This Morning viewers think cat owner's “washed and spun” story is a fake

Still from ITV's This Morning show cat-wow
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The claim of a young woman who turned on her washing machine with her cat inside it has been labelled an unlikely 'tail'. Viewers of ITV's This Morning were less than impressed.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 14/12/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

Liverpudlian Courtney Drury told the show's presenters Holly and Philip in a phone-in session that she had programmed her washing machine for a 30 degree wash and spin, oblivious to the fact that her cat was sleeping inside the drum.

Ms Drury says she only noticed her cat Popsey was locked inside after 20 minutes of the cycle. She then stopped the machine and retrieved the cat.

According to the Birmingham Mail, Drury said, “I didn't know she was in there until 20 minutes later after she'd been through a 30C wash for 20 minutes and an extra spin.”

Drury had to wait for the machine's safety lock to disengage before rescuing Popsey. She then claims she performed CPR on the cat by “blowing into her mouth and nose”.

After bringing Popsey back from the brink, Drury took her to a local vet. She says the vet admitted, “He said he'd not seen anything like it. [He said] every cat that has been in the washing machine has died.”


However, even as the programme aired, viewers took to social media to query the truth of the story. Some argued that the temperature of the water and the vigorous spin would have killed the cat, and that Drury was merely seeking attention.

The Mail quotes one viewer as saying, “This woman on #ThisMorning is talking so much s*** how could your cat survive being chucked about the washing machine pure rubbish just wanted her 5 minutes of fame.”

Another viewer argues that Drury should have taken more care of her cat.

It is however not unheard of for a cat or dog to survive a spin in a washing machine. A quick browse of recent news stories from around the world yields several examples of wash and spin survival!

Nevertheless, we say: always check your washing machine and tumble drier before turning them on!