WATCH: Man is caught serenading his rescue dog in the sweetest way

The sweetest song dog-happy
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Every so often we see a video that makes us smile so much we just need to share it. Watch as this man sweetly serenades his dog (without realising he's being filmed)!

By Natasha James

Published on the 12/12/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

A happily rescued pup

Lady the Staffie was rescued from a shelter by her owners when she was just nine weeks old. Her mum ended up at a shelter when she was heavily pregnant and each of her pups, including Lady, found their forever homes.

It seems that Lady in particular fell hopelessly in love with her new family. Her owner Jen Anderson said,

“If Lady isn't near you, then she is on you. She is very affectionate, very eager to please, loves to snuggle and give spitty pittie kisses!”

Anderson was getting ready to head out when she heard her fiancé singing at the top of his voice. It only took a minute for her to realise that he was, in fact, serenading Lady.

A sweet serenade

Jen grabbed her phone and snuck up on the unexpecting duo. Her fiancé has his arm around Lady and sings to her as she gazes happily into his eyes, loving every minute of it!

Neither Lady nor Jen’s fiancé noticed that she was filming, so the sweet video truly shows the strong bond between this recsue pup and her owners. As a dog lover, we dare you to watch this video and not have a huge smile on your face.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are known to be affectionate and loving dogs but many end up in shelters due to their reputation as fighting dogs. We think Lady couldn’t be more of a lover and less of a fighter if she tried!

Watch the adorable video here:



Posted by Jen Anderson on Tuesday, November 26, 2019