WATCH: Spot the real Retriever on a Christmas tree full of lookalikes!

Where's doggy? dog-happy
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This funny Golden Retriever has hidden amongst a tree decorated with golden doggos. She's definitely very well camouflaged, can you spot her?

By Natasha James

Published on the 11/12/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

This hilarious video is giving us all the festive feels. The short vid starts with a huge Christmas tree that has been decorated with Golden Retriever decorations. From the small pups higher up the tree, to the life-size plush toys sitting in front.

But wait….is that one moving? Yep, as the camera pans around the tree we notice that all is not as it seems and one of the doggo decorations is, in fact, a real doggo. The very good girl sits happily in front of the tree surrounded by her furry friends!

Take a look here:

A gorgeous video but if you're a dog owner then you may know by now that dogs and trees don't always mix! Here are a few tips if you're introducing your pup to a Christmas tree for the first time!

1. Start with a bare tree

Before you cover the tree in tinsel and fairy lights, leave it bare for a day or two. That will allow your pup to get used to having the tree in the house before it's suddenly filled with enticing baubles!

2. Be wary of electrical cords

For puppies in particular, electrical wires can be very interesting indeed. If your pup has a habit of chewing anything it sees, make sure your wires are hidden well away.

3. Don't put food on the tree

Candy canes, chocolate decorations, they can all be tree staples in Britain, but if you have a pooch keep temptation out of the way by avoiding the edible ornaments this year.

4. Save the presents for Christmas morning (especially if they're edible)

We know part of the fun of having a tree is seeing all of those presents laid out in front but give your pooch a break and keep them out of temptations way until Christmas morning, ESPECIALLY if they're edible!


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