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Orphaned kitten is raised by Golden Retriever, now their bond is unbreakable

Mojito the dog snuggles with Skywalker the cat dog-cat-happy
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In 2017 a polydactyl kitten handed in to a vet's hospital unwanted was fostered by one of the workers. In no time at all, the kitten and the worker's dog were friends.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 14/12/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

It has been two years since Skywalker arrived at the home of the Downies. In that time, the kitten, once small and vulnerable has grown into a proud, strong cat. But that happened not just because of the care the Downies afforded the cat; the family dog Mojito also played a major part in Skywalker's upbringing.


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On the very day Mr Downie brought three-week-old Skywalker home for the first time, Mojito stepped up to the plate. The Golden Retriever seemed to bond almost instantaneously with Skywalker and adopted the little kitten as her own.

She went right to giving him kisses,” Mrs Downie told Love Meow.Luckily, he didn't mind. He loved cuddling with her right away.

Thereafter the two were nigh-on inseparable, and Mojito made sure Skywalker was cleaned, safe, warm and loved.

I do think sometimes he thinks she's his mommy,” Downie added. “Mojito is very loving. She's a therapy dog and absolutely loves doing her visits. Skywalker is just super goofy.


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Golden retriever: the caring dog

The Downies have always known their dog to be the loving kind.

Mojito has a lot of love to give,” said Downie. “When she spots an animal or human in need, she runs to their rescue, licks their face and holds them with her paws.”


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Golden Retrievers are renowned for their caring and gentle temperament. Dogs of the breed are often used as therapy dogs due to their friendly and patient nature. They do not tend to be nervous around strangers and are generally welcoming of attention.

In the case of Mojito, it seems her loving temperament suited Skywalker perfectly. The two continue to enjoy a close and loving bond.