An entirely edible grotto gives rescue dogs a pawfect Christmas treat

Doggy Christmas grotto dog-happy
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Thousands of dogs will spend Christmas at a shelter instead of with a loving family. But some lucky rescue pups got to enjoy an incredible Christmas treat.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 11/12/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

While many dog lovers around the country are busy stocking up on dog toys and treats to ensure their canine pals have a great Christmas, many pups will spend the festive season at an animal rescue shelter.


Iona is so excited for the Christmas Fair tomorrow that she had to try out Santa's seat! He will be here at Cheshire...

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Pawfect treat

But to make sure these pups don't miss out on a lovely Christmas, well-known retailer Wilko and volunteers at Manchester Dogs Home came together to give some lucky rescue dogs a special Christmas treat.

And we don't just mean a few dog treats.

We are talking about an entirely dog-friendly, edible Christmas grotto made from dog biscuits and treats.

Festive fun

Wearing reindeer headbands, dogs from Cheshire's Manchester Dogs Home were given the chance to explore the grotto and eat whatever they wish.

Not surprisingly, the happy pups ate the lot.


It's very festive here at Cheshire Dogs Home! We've even got our very own biscuit grotto, designed and built by...

Posted by Manchester & Cheshire Dogs' Home on Saturday, December 7, 2019

There was a snow-covered giant gingerbread house made from 2,000 dog biscuits, 1,600 chewy treats and an incredible 12 kilos of melted dog drops which were used as cement for the house.

The dogs were also given a stocking each full of treats and toys.

It's safe to say the dogs all thought it was pawfect.

60 dogs need homes

Anna Stansfield from the dogs’ home was delighted to see all the dogs enjoy themselves. She told the Metro: “We were blown away when we got the surprise opportunity to welcome the grotto to our site for a festive celebration."

"We have more than 60 dogs here that are looking for loving homes, many won’t be adopted before Christmas, so this is a brilliant second-best. The pets have all had a brilliant day, and to be honest, I think we have as well, seeing how much joy it’s brought them,” added Anna.


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Pampered pooches

The special event organised by Wilko followed the retailer's research into pets and Christmas. They discovered that dog owners spend around £27 on gifts for their pooch at Christmas. The survey of 2,000 dog owners also revealed that at least one in 20 dog lovers will spend up to a staggering £100 on canine companions, with an average of three gifts bought per pup.

Meanwhile, a quarter of owners also admitted to spending more on their beloved pets than even some of their friends and family. And spoiling their pooch doesn't stop at toys.

One in five dogs is treated to their own specially prepared plate of Christmas dinner, while 20% of owners admitted to letting their pampered pooches eat their Christmas dinner at the family meal table.

While this level of pet pampering may not come as much of a surprise to many animal lovers, it inspired Wilko's to think about those less fortunate pets.

Less fortunate pets

Daniel Bingham, from Wilko said: “A major portion of the nation will be purchasing presents for their pets. But we also know that won't be the case for a lot of less fortunate pets in rescue shelters and homes.

"Our survey results found Brits are willing to go the extra mile to really spoil their pets at Christmas, be it via gifts or even sitting at the dinner table, but there are still so many that deserve love. We were happy to do our bit to bring some festive cheer to Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home, and hopefully, some of these beautiful dogs will soon enjoy a Christmas with a loving family.”