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Warning: Cats love the taste of anti-freeze, but if they drink it, they die

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With winter now upon us vets are warning owners of cats of the danger of antifreeze poisoning. Your cat may find it sweet and tasty, but anti-freeze is also deadly.

A Wakefield vet has issued a stark reminder to cat owners of the dangers of antifreeze. The warning from Calder Vets comes in the wake of the death of two cats from the same family. Vets suspect the pair became ill after drinking antifreeze. 

As the weather draws in, cats roaming the neighbourhood seek shelter beneath cars and in sheds. At this time of the year there is usually an abundant supply of antifreeze, the taste of which cats love. 

Biological effects 

Hospital director at Calder Vets, Natalie McQuire, has this week reminded pet owners to be extra vigilant of their cat’s behaviour and health. 

Antifreeze poisoning leads to organ failure and is more often than not fatal. Dr McQuire was forced to euthanize two cats that were suffering terribly from what she believed was antifreeze toxicosis. 

She told Wakefield Express, “This sad case of suspected antifreeze poisoning is a timely reminder of its potentially deadly effects.

We advise pet owners to ensure their animals don’t have access to areas where these products are stored.

“It is also vital for pet owners to be aware of the symptoms their animals may demonstrate if they have come into contact with it.

Time really is of the essence when it comes to antifreeze poisoning in cats," Dr McQuire added. "The earlier you spot the signs and seek help, the greater their chance of survival.”

Signs of antifreeze poisoning

If your cat exhibits any one of these symptoms, call your vet immediately: 

•    Dizziness
•    Excessive urination or lack thereof
•    Panting 
•    Seizures
•    Excessive thirst 

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