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Watch: Simon Cowell cat is very judgemental about owner’s singing

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Helen is basically Simon Cowell in a cat's body. She doesn't care how harsh she is – if her owner's singing out of key, she's going to let her know.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 09/12/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

Cats are experts at a great many things: hunting, seeing in the dark, purring…but some cats have very special talents indeed. Helen the tuxedo cat is certainly unique in that she is a self-acclaimed music critic.

Sometimes a cat has got to do what a cat has got to do

Indeed, whenever her owner starts singing (in a…let's just say…”off” voice), Helen steps in to make her feelings known. She jumps up on her owner as if to say ‘Shut up!!’


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Realising that this wasn't happening just once or twice, but literally EVERY TIME she started singing, Helen's owner started to film the hilarious interactions.

Internet sensations

The pair have now racked up an amazing 65k followers on Instagram thanks to their priceless videos in which Helen never fails to comment on her owner's singing.


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Luckily, Helen's owner affirms that Helen never hurts her. It's always in a playful, non-aggressive way that Helen pounces on her.


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And we definitely believe her. After all, she wouldn't be laughing that whole heartedly if kitty's claws were out! Ouch!


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Check out her account and see for yourself! Though it’s filled with posts that make it seem as though Helen can't stand her ownher (because she owns her, get it?), it's very clear to see that the two share a special, loving bond.


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Please, never stop singing! We can't get enough of these videos!