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Watch: owner reunited with cat after five years and a 2,000 mile journey

Owner reunited with cat stowed in holdall cat-wow
© KGW News – YouTube

Viktor Usov's cat had been missing for five years. At the end of last month he and his beloved pet were finally reunited. The cat had been found over 1,000 miles from home.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 05/12/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

Waiting nervously at Portland International Airport on November 19th this year was Mr Usov. His cat Sasha went missing five years ago and Usov feared the worst may have happened. In the end, Usov gave up the fruitless search and consigned his cat to memories.

But just a few weeks ago, in Sante Fe, New Mexico – over 1,000 miles from his home – Sasha was found. At the end of last month, Usov came to Portland airport to finally be reunited with the wanderer, who now is far bigger than Usov remembers!

The video shows one of the workers from the animal shelter in Santa Fe, where the cat was cared for, meeting Usov for the first time. In a carry-on bag, Sasha stares out bemused.

Once reunited, and with Sasha lying down for some much-overdue attention, Usov tells KGW News, “This is exactly how he was. He was just so content to be around people and around where everybody else was.

This is the making my day,” he added. “This is the best”.

You can watch the video of the reunion at the foot of the article.


The method by which Sasha travelled 1,300 miles from home is still in doubt. Santa Fe is arid with cold, dry winters and hot summers; the climate is similar to Turkey. It is possible Sasha may have cadged a lift with someone heading south.

There are often incredible stories of animal reunions that have taken place after many years. In 2018 The Independent ran a story about a Labrador called Abby. Abby ran off during playtime with her family in Pennsylvania in 2008. After months of searching the family assumed she had died.

Abby turned up on the doorstep of a house 10 miles away a decade later, seemingly well-fed and in good health.