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‘Rasta’ cat with huge dreadlocks gets a new haircut and a new home

The cat now has a new haircut and  a new home cat-wow
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Volunteers from an animal rescue centre in Brittany, France, were shocked after they discovered an abandoned cat with huge dreadlocks growing out of his back!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 03/12/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

Earlier this week, staff from the 'Radeau des Animaux' animal rescue centre received a call about a cat found dumped in a ditch just outside the Feral region in Brittany.


But when the furry guy arrived at the shelter, these seasoned rescuers couldn't quite believe their eyes.

He looked healthy enough, but what really caught their attention were the giant 'dreadlocks' covering the feline's back.


Un gros câlin à Chamade, ce gentil matou qui avait été accueilli au refuge Le Radeau Des Animaux à Férel dans le...

Posted by Hit West on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The distinct rasta cat look can occur when the furry undercoat gets trapped beneath the topcoat during shedding season. Without proper attention, the matted fur becomes hard, twisting itself into long strands that resemble dreadlocks.

It makes grooming impossible for a cat and the fur can only be removed with a thick brush or clippers.

Dominique Bacot is the head of the rescue centre. She said:

"We have cut about 2.2lbs of hair off after it clumped together into dreadlocks. Everything was on its back, where the cat could not lick itself."

After his trim, Chamade received the all-clear from veterinary staff and was put up for adoption.

He then got his well-deserved lucky break after a loving family decided to take him home just a few days later.

Chamade is settling in well with his new family and even has his very own cat brother called Chad.

Chamade's new home

One rescuer said it was 'incredible'  to see so much matting on a short-haired cat, while another commented:

"This generally happens to animals with long hair that have not been looked after for a long time."

But that won't be a problem for Chamade anymore. He's getting all the love and care he needs, including a weekly grooming session!