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Christmas miracle for owners, 11 years after their cat's disappearance

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Following his disappearance from home almost 12 years ago, Toby's owners gave up all hope that they would ever see him again. But it turned out a Christmas miracle was just around the corner... 

When the Allan family moved house in 2012, their tabby cat Toby tragically went missing. 

After almost 12 years and no sightings, they had given up all hope of being reunited with their beloved companion. 

A Christmas miracle

In a miraculous turn of events, a caring lady from Bedworth, Warwickshire, contacted the Cats Protection about a stray she had been feeding. 

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She believed the stray to be a female... and most likely pregnant. But, on further inspection, the volunteer who checked the cat's microchip revealed a surprising reality. The cat was in fact a boy, and he was missing his family. 

The emotional reunion

Cats Protection quickly got to work, contacting the Allans who had registered their details to his microchip. 

The volunteer couldn't believe her ears when she discovered Toby had been missing for so many years, he was presumed dead. Over 11 years later, he had finally been found.

While nobody knows what Toby got up to in the years in between, there's no doubt that he's now back where he belongs, surrounded by the love and warmth of his original home. 

This really was the "purrfect happy ending" for this feline and his family, and all just in time for Christmas! 

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