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Foster mum shocked when rescue cat opens his eyes: Here's what she sees (video)

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When Andrea Christian took Mystic in, she knew he would need a lot of attention. Almost blinded by mange, she waited for the day he would open his eyes...

Mystic arrived at the St Francis Society Animal Rescue in desperate need of help. 

His body and face were badly affected by mange, leaving him virtually unable to see. 

A much needed foster

Aware of the ongoing care Mystic would need, St Francis Society Animal Rescue reached out to Andrea, an experienced cat fosterer in Tampa Florida. 

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She knew there was a long road of recovery ahead, but Mystic quickly let his personality shine through. Shy but loving, Mystic began to make himself at home.

It wasn't until the scabs started to heal on his face, that the beautiful boy revealed his secret. 

Mystic's Secret

As the kitty's eyes started to open, Andrea could tell there was something a little bit special about her newest arrival...

Mystic revealed he had heterochromia, a condition resulting in two different coloured eyes. 

With one bright blue and the other green, Mystic's eyes took Andrea's breath away. With the right care and attention, this lucky cat was unrecognisable from the sad, unwell feline that first arrived. 

Now all that's missing for Mystic is a family of his own. With his wonderful personality and looks to match, we hope his forever home is right around the corner! 

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