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Animal shelter seeks home for its first gender neutral cat!

Dixie is recovering well following an operation cat-wow
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An animal rescue shelter has hit the headlines after advertising it's first-ever gender-neutral kitten. Now they're hoping someone will give this special cat a forever home!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 30/11/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

Six-month-old Dixie was found in a property in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, by some new tenants. Unfortunately, the couple couldn't look after the stray, so they handed it over to a local animal charity.

A very unique kitten

At first glance, Dixie looked just like any other cat, but during a routine medical check-up, vets realised they had a very special kitty on their hands.

That's because Dixie is an inter-sex cat born with both male and female genitals.

Katie Lloyd is a care coordinator at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue. She said:

"We have defined Dixie as gender-neutral. While Dixie's external genitalia is female, internally it is almost certainly male."

"Two oddly formed structures which we [believe] are testicles were removed from the inguinal canal."

After almost 14 years rescuing kitties, this is the first time Katie has met an intersex cat.

Dixie is currently recovering from the operation, and the staff are hopeful someone will fall in love with this miracle kitty. 

"Despite his uniqueness, it makes him no less loveable," said Katie. "Dixie is a little timid but very loving. Dixie will be suited to someone without young children or other animals; I think he needs one-on-one attention and lots of love."

Dixie is already proving popular on social media. After the shelter shared Dixie's story on Facebook, they were inundated with messages of love and support.

One person posted:

"Poor little baby. Hope everything works out okay."

Dixie will never be alone

So it looks like Dixie will have no problem finding the perfect cat mum or dad.

Although they're extremely rare, Dixie isn't the first intersex cat to grab the media spotlight. In 2015, a couple discovered that their cat Marbles (who they thought was a girl) had both male and female genitals after it got frisky with a friend's feline!