Owners abandon 16-year-old dog because they “don’t have time for him anymore”

old rough collie dog-sad
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Animal rescues are always emotional. Jake, the 16-year-old Rough Collie who was brought into the Humane Society was a particularly difficult case for shelter staff.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 29/11/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Jake the Rough Collie was brought into the Crawford County Humane Society in Ohio when his family decided they didn’t want him anymore. After 16 years of being a loyal and loving companion, he was discarded by the people he loved because they supposedly “didn’t have time for him anymore”.

Poor Jake was completely lost

Jake had reached his golden years: he was nearing his 16th birthday. He couldn’t understand why his family was leaving him behind. From one day to the next, the people he had cared for his whole life were gone.

Shelter staff were heart broken at the lack of humanity displayed by Jake’s family. They wanted to make the senior pooch as comfortable as possible. So they set him up in the quietest part of the shelter, in a kennel on his own, where he could be in peace.

Staff knew they immediately had to find a home for poor Jake. He was too old and sad to spend the rest of his days in a cold, noisy shelter surrounded by strangers. He needed love and care.

The Humane Society started to contact every shelter they knew in the area, desperate to find Jake a home. Within 2 hours, a family had volunteered to take him in.

Two volunteers from the shelter who had found him a home came to pick him up and shed tears when they saw this sweet boy’s innocent face. He looked like he had been through so much. But now he was about to live the best years of his life.

But he got the happy ending he deserved

Last we heard, Jake was enjoying every day getting loved on by his new people. A beautiful new life for a beautiful dog who deserved the best.

In a heart-wrenching post by the Humane Society who had initially taken him in, a staff member wrote:

“We work here because people can be cruel and irresponsible and we want only to help those who haven't a voice of their own. We work here because we know we make a difference one cute fuzzy face at a time. We work here for the puppy kisses, the soft kitty pats, and the the blessing of finding pets a new home where they will live in peace.”

We are so glad that Jake got his happy ending. Enjoy, sweet boy!