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Cat café bans young children for a shocking reason that leaves everyone stunned

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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A popular cat cafe in the Polish city of Rzeszów has announced that small children can no longer visit for the safety of their resident felines.

The café took to Facebook to make the surprise announcement that stunned many cat lovers. 

Aggressive behaviour 

The owners made the difficult decision after growing concerns over young children's aggressive behaviour towards the café's residents. The café serves as a temporary home for cats under the care of the Felineus Foundation before they find their forever homes and is committed to ensuring their safety and wellbeing. 

Instances of children throwing toys at the cats, disregarding staff warnings by running around the premises and parents complaining when staff intervened prompted the age restriction. 

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Age restriction 

The café has decided to restrict entry to parents with children over ten years old. Twelve-year-olds can visit independently but must provide proof of age. The café acknowledges that this move will impact well-behaved youngsters and is exploring alternatives to accommodate responsible children. 

Cat enthusiasts were quick to praise the café for prioritising feline safety. Addressing a disappointed Facebook user, unable to bring her well-behaved seven-year-old, the cafe responded, "We aim to create opportunities for younger children but are planning the logistics. Each child is unique, so we appreciate your patience. Updates will follow when we've resolved everything."

The cafe plans to develop educational sessions with animal behaviourists and Felineus Foundation volunteers to educate young children on appropriate behaviour around the café's feline residents, making it an enjoyable place for cats and customers.

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