The week’s best dog posts are guaranteed to make you smile

The week’s best dog posts are guaranteed to make you smile dog-happy
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It’s cold, it’s dark and technically, it’s too early to celebrate Christmas. That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect way to put a smile on your face with the finest dog posts!

By Natasha James

Published on the 27/11/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

1. The goodest girl

Little Pixel was having a perfectly normal day until her owner told her what a good girl she was and then everything went from "fine" to "amaaazing".

2. Snug as a dog in a rug

It’s not just us humans that get cold and so it follows thaht it’s not just us humans that require snuggly coats...

3. Big sisters blame little bro

Ugh, older siblings are THE WORST! Check out this poor innocent pooch taking the wrap for his big sisters.

4. Growing up together

Can you think of anything cuter than a human baby and his furry baby brother? The photos showing that they’ve both grown up into big boys, that’s what. We’re not crying, honest.

5. The most emotional video you’re likely to see today

If we cried at the pics above then we SOBBED at this video (but in a good way).

6. The clever dogtor fixed her human’s back

Who needs to spend money on chiropractors when there are perfectly good dog-tors around?

7. The swimming pup

Splish splash, this pooch is taking a bath. Or going for an epic swim depending on how you look at it!

8. The sleepy pooch

Look, sometimes we all fancy a lazy day and for this dog, his lazy days just happen to be on the same days that he’s supposed to be working, okay?

9. Pupper learnt to drive

Sometimes we need to go forwards and sometimes we need to go back. This pupper found that reversing the car is far easier than going forward so he decided to do that. For a whole hour. While his owner frantically watched on.

10. More driving dogs

They’re all it. This tiny Corgi realised that driving is super fun!

11. This Husky just wanted to be heard

We could all use a little scream from time to time. This Husky is absolutely no different.

12. The Irish president took his dog to work

What’s the joy in being president if you can’t take your dog to work every once in a while, we say?

13. These pups tried to copy horror film "IT" and it was adorable

It’s the least scary horror film remake we’ve ever seen…

14. This gorgeous pup got a bed fit for a queen

Forget throwing an old blanket on the ground, an angel dog deserves a heavenly bed.

15. This dog needed her snack

We’ve all been there, after a hard day, sometimes all you want is a donut. This dog just wants her donut. Simple.

16. These pups took after their momma

Like mother, like puppers.