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21 strange things that every cat owner does

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Us cat owners are all a little strange. After all, we love little creatures that sometimes ignore us... How many of these, ahem, unusual behaviours do you recognise in yourself?

By Natasha James

Published on the 29/11/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

Have you ever wondered why your cat looks at you strangely or noticed their poker face as you tell them what a “gorgeous little kitty” they are? Well, we’ve scoured social media, we’ve reflected on our actions and we think we just might have the answer. Take a look at our list of 21 strange things that every cat owner does.

1.    Try to hold your cat's hand


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Just so long as you only try it when he’s asleep!

2.    Run around the house shouting "look!" every time your cat does something cute


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It's not necessary for the whole neighbourhood to know that your cat is sleeping in the sink or that she's just climbed the curtains in the living room. 

3. Avoid going to the toilet because the cat is sitting on your lap


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Your cat is the queen of the house and no one should bother her but, come on, when you gotta go, you gotta go. 

4. Feed your cat human food just because she's totally adorable


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Resist! Your cat may be adorable but keep the feeding to cat-approved foods.

5. Have full-blown conversations with your cat


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We get it, they understand every word you say but maybe try to limit this behaviour to when you’re home alone!

6. Create their very own cutesy voice


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Talking to humans, "Hello." Talking to your cat: "HelloAaAaAaAaaaaaaaaaaaa my little baaaaabbbyyyy". 

7. Take a picture of your cat every time he does, well, anything


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Take a pic when your cat is doing something funny or sweet or the lighting is good or well any reason really.

8. Have a million names for your cat


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Your cat's name: Charlie. What do you call your cat: Charl, Mr. Charlie, Charlito. In the end, he won't answer any of your calls and will ignore you more than ever. 

9. Feel offended if she sits on someone else’s lap.


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It’s normal, it’s natural and it’s totally the cat's prerogative where she sits.

10. Hold your cat in the mirror to show him how handsome he is


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Mirror, mirror on the wall... Who is the most beautiful cat of them all? Yours is, obviously!

11. Trying to *gently* use your cat as a pillow


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It’s not comfortable and your cat doesn’t particularly enjoy it but it’s oh so tempting.

12. Say "hello" and "goodbye" every time your cat enters or leaves a room


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We are not going to refer to the way you say goodbye to your feline every time you walk out the door of your house. 

13. Encouraging your cat to sleep in your bed even though you know you won’t sleep


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All we can say is, it’s your fault if he wakes you up.

14. Letting your cat into the bathroom with you just because they ask


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Then try to blame your cat for being weird! 

15. Try to reason with your cat about whether he wants to be inside or outside.


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You say "This is the last time I open this door, Fluffy, you can’t go out again", but you know that five minutes later you will let him in again. The never-ending tale. 

16. Convince yourself that a bite from your cat is really a sign of his love


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He bites you as hard as he can, so he must love you very much.

17. Watch TV like this, and just get used to it


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After all, who needs to see the full screen?

18. Comb your cat in the opposite direction and laugh at how silly it looks


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Silly kitty. 

19. Say "bless you" when they sneeze


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Gotta protect them from coughs and colds, right?

20. Try to hug your kitty when they’re clearly not interested 


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"Shhhhh, quiet little one. AY!, AY!... OK, you're free, go". Like this all the time. 

21. Choose to stay with him instead of going out to socialise with other people


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After all, he's your best friend. He is the love of your life. Your better half, the only person you want to share free time with.

How many things on the list do you do? Be honest!