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Teen girl adopts stray cat but makes shocking discovery…

Stray kitten turns out to be wild cat cat-wow
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A teenage girl was playing with her brother when she discovered two abandoned cats. Being an animal lover, she took them home to care for them but all was not as it seemed…

By Natasha James

Published on the 27/11/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

An abandoned stray?

Florencia Lobo was enjoying a day of fishing in Santa Rosa de Leales, a town in the North of Argentina, when she heard whimpering coming from nearby. Thinking it may be an injured bird, Florencia set out to find the animal only to discover the sound came from two seemingly stray cats.

Being a huge cat lover, Florencia decided to take the cats home to care for them and named them Tito and Dani. Unfortunately, Dani died suddenly within a couple of weeks but Tito seemed to be growing strong.

Tito had bundles of energy and according to Florencia,

“He likes to play, bite and run pretty fast. He liked to get on the table and jump from there, he thought it was normal.”

A lucky fall

But it was this exuberance that turned out to be his downfall and he injured his leg jumping from the table. Florencia reached out to an animal expert and was in for a huge surprise.

The expert informed her that this was no ordinary cat and Tito was, in fact, a Jaguarundi puma. These wild cats are native to the Americas and grow to around 70cm.

Florencia sadly had no choice but to give her pet up to a wildlife rescue foundation for treatment and rehabilitation into the wild. She said,

“He was a pet for me. If you raise and spoil him, you feel like he is yours and it causes you pain that they take him away, but deep down I know that it is good that they took him and will return him to nature.”

Good luck little Tito, and we hope Florencia gets a new moggy soon.