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Sheepdog becomes a foster mum after calf abandoned at birth

Happy and Ka'ena are friends for life dog-wow
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A baby bull abandoned at birth has found a second chance at life after striking up an unusual (but extremely) cute relationship with an Australian Shepherd.

By Ashley Murphy , 25 Nov 2019

Ka'ena the sheepdog and Happy the Cow should be the best of enemies. But rather than spending her days rounding up Happy, Ka'ena prefers to snuggle her bovine best friend instead!

The adorable story begins five months ago after Happy's mum abandoned him just a few hours after being born. The premature calf was too weak to stand and couldn't suckle milk.

But rather than letting nature have its cruel way, the farmer and his family nursed Happy through his first few days.

The odd couple

During Happy's recovery, Ka'ena was always sniffing around the new arrival. But given his sheepdog nature, Ka'ena's family kept them apart.

But Ka'ena wouldn't give up, and it soon became clear the big-hearted pooch only wanted to help.


So ihr zeige ich euch nochmal mein absolutes Lieblingsbild von den beiden "Rabauken"?? Ich finde hier...

Posted by Der kleine Ochse Happy on Monday, November 4, 2019

After a few snuggles, the pair became inseparable and Ka'ena's love gave Happy even more reason to live. In fact, you could say that Ka'ena became a kind of foster mum. As Ka'ena's own dog mum, Kirsten M, explained:

"She gave him the necessary physical closeness that such a premature baby needs."

Today, Happy is well on his way to becoming a healthy, adult bull. Weighing in at over 30 stone and still growing, he looks very different from that little runt that nobody wanted.


Hey mein Freund, ich passe auf dich auf ?

Posted by Der kleine Ochse Happy on Sunday, October 27, 2019

And while it was a real team effort to save this natural-born fighter, a lot of the credit goes to Ka'ena. She might not have been the mum he was expecting, but she was definitely the kind of mum he needed!


Happy lernt gerade ruhig stehen zu bleiben, wenn er angebunden wird...natürlich ist seine Freundin dabei ;-)

Posted by Der kleine Ochse Happy on Sunday, September 29, 2019