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Loneliest cat in Britain facing another sad Christmas

Lonely cat wants a home for Christmas cat-sad
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A black and white rescue cat named Toby is being dubbed “the loneliest cat in Britain” as he faces his second Christmas all alone at Canterbury RSPCA.

By Natasha James

Published on the 22/11/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

A Christmas surprise

On Christmas Eve 2018, rescuers from the RSPCA were called to a house in Canterbury, Kent which contained 46 cats. Each of the kitties was taken to the RSPCA shelter and over the course of the following year, 45 of the cats were rehomed. Leaving just one kitty all alone.

Cats are generally rehomed with loving families within 28 days of being rescued. But for poor little Toby, things have not been quite so easy.


So this guy is totally unaware of how famous he has become today!! Toby here has sadly made the national news and radio...

Posted by RSPCA-Canterbury and District Animal Centre on Thursday, November 21, 2019

Not a fan of shelter life

The gorgeous black and white moggy hasn’t handled life in the shelter well. While he’s considered to be a loving, sociable cat by shelter workers, he’s a little shy and tends to hide when families come to visit.

Surprisingly, black and white cats tend to be frequent visitors to shelters and often take longer to rehome. Toby has now been without a forever home for 332 days, surpassing Britain’s previous loneliest cat Twizzle who took 125 days to rehome.

He loves snuggling

Toby settled in very well to a foster home and his carers said he loves snuggling up on the bed and exploring the garden in the sunshine. He’s back at the shelter now though and he looks set to spend another lonely Christmas at the shelter.

Toby would be best suited to a quiet home with no other pets or children. Does that sound like you? Visit the Canterbury RSPCA website and see if you could rehome little Toby or a pet in need of their forever home.

It’s our Christmas wish that little Toby will have found his forever home by Christmas.


Toby, 11 years old. Looking for a quiet home

Posted by RSPCA-Canterbury and District Animal Centre on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Lady, in shelter for 657 days, is still waiting

Lonelier yet though, is a wonderful black and white moggy named Lady, at the Suffolk East and Ipswich RSPCA branch. She has now been in the shelter for a whopping 657 days! She too, would love to have a home for Christmas.

Why not go visit the RSPCA to get to know these lovely felines?