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Speechless in Illinois: It would seem cruelty to dogs knows no bounds

Dog looks out over lake dog-sad
© Pixabay

A fisherman settling in for a lazy day on the banks of a lake in Illinois made a shocking discovery this month. And the heart-stopping video of his find has gone viral.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 23/11/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Bryant Fritz lives in the vicinity of Champaign, IL. Earlier this month he had within minutes of arriving at Kaufman Lake seen something floating in the water, only just kept buoyant by the roots of a tree. Craning for a better look Mr Fritz was met with an example of human cruelty that made his stomach churn.

The object was a cage, inside of which was a small dog, partly submerged in the freezing water and fighting for its life. Wasting no time, Fritz jumped into the water and waded over to where the cage was.

Head barely above water

On his crowdfunding page, Fritz explained what happened next: “She [the dog] was initially out much further. Luckily she was stuck on the end of a tree, head was barely above water, when I saw her and heard grunting noises.

I dropped my fishing rods and tackle box, looked around with nobody in sight. I could tell that she saw me and I didn't want to leave her for help or wait. So I took off 3 layers of sweatshirts and my jeans and went in. I'm 6' 5" and the water was above my waist.”


Fritz dragged the cage with the half-drowned dog out of the water. In a race against time Fritz lifted the sorry animal from the cage and covered it with his own clothes and a blanket before rushing it to vets at the University of Illinois.

I called U of I on the way and my partner Krystal,” wrote Fritz. “I kept my hand on her head the whole ride. I was still shaking myself from the cold. When I arrived she was almost stiff. I pulled her from the passenger seat like a baby and walked as quickly as I could. The folks at the reception desk were shocked, but very sweet.

"A vet took her from my arms within a few minutes.”

After a period of treatment for hypothermia and shock, the dog, now called Dory, was well enough to be rehomed. Luckily, Fritz had already signed adoption papers for the dog, and is now the proud owner of a very lucky canine.

A police investigation is ongoing.

You can watch the video here (discretion advised):