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WATCH: Everyone is left heartbroken by what is found inside this old plastic bag

Plastic bag found on side of road dog-sad
© Animal Aid Unlimited, India - Youtube

It just looked like an old plastic bag on the side of the road. But when volunteers came to look inside, they were shocked and heartbroken by what they find inside.

By Zoe Monk , 23 Nov 2019

We often hear sad stories of animals left abandoned or dumped on the side of the road. Many are found to have life-threatening injuries or are just too ill to be saved. But some dogs can be lucky and what starts off as a heart-breaking beginning can have a very happy ending.

Animal Aid Unlimited in India received a call about a suspicious plastic bag on the side of the road.

Passersby became concerned when they realised something might be inside the bag and suspected it could be an injured animal.

Shocking discovery

The staff headed straight there as they knew that if it was an injured animal, there was no time to spare.

Once they arrived and spotted the bag, they approached it slowly, not sure what they would find inside.

Then, they slowly opened the plastic bag.

Inside they found a terrified and incredibly thin dog. As they moved the bag, the poor pup yelped in pain.

Hungry and in pain

The dog was desperately hungry, so the rescue staff were gradually able to coax him out of the bag with some biscuits. But each time they tried to touch him, the poor animal would cry out. The dog was covered in mange and it seemed like he had a deep wound on his hip which seemed to be causing him severe pain each time he moved.

Dog found in plastic bag
Terrified and desperately thin dog found in a plastic bag
© Animal Aid Unlimited, India YouTube

Gradually the starving young pup started to eat and the rescuers saw just how hungry the poor dog was.

After he had eaten, one of the rescue staff carefully wrapped him up in a towel. The poor chap could only yelp again in pain but soon quietened down once he was in the rescuer’s arms.

Lots of TLC

The dog was then rushed to Animal Aid Unlimited’s sanctuary where they immediately began treating the deep injury on the dog’s hip. They also gave him a much-needed bath and started to treat his mange.

The rescue staff continued to care for the young pup for the next six weeks. While they attended to his medical needs they also were keen to build him up to get him to a healthy weight.

Rescue dog given bath
Rescued dog given bath at the shelter
© Animal Aid Unlimited, India YouTube


After six weeks of being at the sanctuary, the pup looks like a completely different dog. He now has a healthy coat of black fur and he is able to run around without any pain.

Rescued dog completely transformed
Complete transformation
© Animal Aid Unlimited, India YouTube

His rescuers have called him Jumper.

Animal Aid Unlimited saves the lives of thousands of animals each year. The organisation posted a video of Jumper’s rescue and miraculous recovery.

With nearly 65 million views, the film starts off being a heart-breaking watch, but that soon changes as you see the progress of Jumper’s amazing transformation.