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WATCH: Proof of the amazing and adorable bond between cats and young children

Babies and cats cat-happy
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While dogs get all the attention for being great playmates for children, don’t underestimate the wonderful bond that can develop between a cat and a young child.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 22/11/2019, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

Our canine pals are often regarded as a man’s best friend, and for good reason. But don’t write off the feline community. Cats make wonderful purring companions and have a lot of love and affection to give, especially to children.


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Cuddly cats

They may seem like they are always too busy sleeping or planning world domination, but cats also love cuddles and playtime just as much as their doggy siblings. While you should never leave a baby or very young child unsupervised with any animals, cats love to play with children.The sight of a wriggly, cuddly little baby in particular is just irresistible.


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If you are still in any doubt, then a compilation video posted on YouTube just goes to show the love and affection there is between feline and a small human.

The lick of love

As the film starts, a little baby gazes at the camera as a tortoiseshell cat puts their paws around the baby’s arm and licks the little one’s cheek. As this is happening, the baby simply continues to stare at the camera, seemingly unfazed at getting a wash, courteously of the family cat.

Another adorable clip shows a little baby sleeping on the sofa as a ginger cat lies on its back on the baby’s tummy. The little baby has their hand on the cats head and the loving little kitty enjoys rubbing their head against the baby’s hand over and over as the baby just carries on sleeping.

Feline friends

In one hilarious clip, a baby is lying on the floor and as they kick their legs up and down, they accidentally kick the cat. The cat assumes it was the dog that had kicked them and immediately gives the poor pooch a swipe around the head.

The video is packed with cute clips of cats licking babies and children cuddling up to their felines. Both seem to love the interaction with each other, although some cats have to be rather tolerant of their little friends, as small hands squeeze them and stroke their fur the wrong way.