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Bridal party surprise guests with their very unique and incredibly cute bouquets

Wedding party carrying puppies dog-happy
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Bridal parties traditionally carry pretty flower bouquets as they head down the aisle. But one couple swapped pretty floral bouquets for something far cuter and fluffier.

By Zoe Monk , 22 Nov 2019

It’s becoming increasingly popular to have family pets attend weddings. There have even been dogs who have given away their owners at the alter or acted as ring bearers. But for one couple, they wanted to use their special day as an opportunity to share their passion for adopting rescue dogs.

Andee and Tina Krasinski from Florida already had two dogs and two cats at home but wanted to use their big day to encourage others to consider adopting rescue pets.

Instead of the bridesmaids carrying bouquets, they carried something rather unusual and fluffy accessories instead. Ten rescue pups.

The couple brought along a group of five-week-old puppies to their wedding to show their support for the Adopt, Don’t Shop movement, who promote the importance of giving homes to rescue pets instead of buying from a breeder.

I woof!

“Tina and I knew we wanted to do something to help shelter animals,” Andee told PEOPLE. “We both have a big passion for the adoption of animals and we wanted to help bring awareness to people.”

Andee and Tina have been animal lovers all their lives and Tina’s family have always adopted rescue dogs.

"I reached out to several shelters, and Nate’s Honor Rescue reached back out to me and said, ‘Absolutely,’” Andee explained.

Andee wasn’t sure whether their plan would work, but their luck was in.

“They just so happened to have a mom from a Georgia shelter and she was pregnant, and a week into being in foster care, she gave birth to 10 puppies. Since we had exactly 10 bridesmaids we thought, how perfect, we have to do this.”

Puppy playpen

The couple were keen to ensure all the pups were happy during the day, so Andee brought a playpen. When the puppies weren’t starring in the wedding ceremony or being played with and cuddled by guests during cocktail hour, they could relax in the playpen. Their doggy mother was also there to keep a watchful eye over the pups, along with some volunteers from Nate’s Honor.

Adopt a rescue puppy

The newlyweds plan to adopt one of the puppies that took part in the wedding, and two other pups were also lucky enough to find a forever home.

"All the bridal party wanted to be holding one at all times because they were so cute,” Andee said. “They were very well-behaved puppies and we couldn’t have asked for a better group.”

Little accident

Some people may think having 10 pups at a wedding is quite brave, but throughout the whole day, there was just one little incident.

"We had one accident on one of our bridesmaids, she got peed on,” Andee admits. And the cute culprit happens to be the puppy Andee and Tina picked to adopt.

Love at first sight

“Carter, our 3-year-old daughter, looked at one of the puppies and saw the blue eyes and she said, ‘I want this one,” Andee said.

“’He has blue eyes like Mama,’ and she was talking about Tina, and that obviously melted our hearts and we said, ‘Absolutely, he’s yours!’”

Little Carter had no problems choosing a name for the tiny pup.

“She’s naming him Swift after singer Taylor Swift because we are huge fans as a family,” Tina adds. “We have room in our hearts, we have room in our home, and what better way to remember our wedding than to bring one of those amazing puppies into our life.”

Forever homes

While Tina and Andee are looking forward to welcoming one of the pups into their home, two wedding guests have also applied to adopt a couple of the puppies once they took some time to think about it.

Shelter animals are not the animals people didn’t want, they are perfectly good, healthy animals,” Tina adds. “The goal was to help shelter animals as far as we could reach.”