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WATCH: Funny dog causes chaos but says sorry with puppy dog eyes

Funny dog makes puppy dog eyes dog-happy
© AFV - Rumble

Part of what makes dogs perfect is their imperfections. This adorable pup makes an almighty mess in the kitchen but immediately realises his mistake…

By Natasha James

Published on the 22/11/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Hoping for an eternally spic and span home is a futile exercise once we invite pets to live with us. Although, a scattering of kibble or a discarded chew toy on the floor is very different to a destroyed rubbish bag as this pooch seems to know only too well!

This video most definitely shows the latter, this funny black pooch seems to have been having a little too much fun with his owner’s rubbish bin.

Guilty pooch

We see paper plates, plastic cups and empty food wrappers strewn about the floor as the guilty pooch sits sheepishly in the corner.

The video begins with the handsome black dog's owner spotting the mess and talking firmly to her dog. She asks the dog why he’s made the mess and his face is a picture!

Suitably abashed pup

Rather than hide or back away, he seems to take this telling off as his justly deserved punishment. The dog has the good grace to look abashed and raises his eyes wide as she talks. He almost seems to implore for her forgiveness, even lifting one tentative paw as a gesture of apology.

Much as his owner tries to maintain her firm tone, eventually she’s powerless to resist his cuteness and takes the extended paw as an adequate apology.

Will this be the last time the pooch has fun with the rubbish bag? Only time will tell!

Watch the adorable vid here: