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Moggy is feline confident to stand as anti-Brexit candidate in General Election

Ginger and white cat standing for election cat-wow
© Peter Cook - Facebook & ucatuk - Facebook

As voters head out to polling stations across the country next month, people living in Medway in Kent will have the option of voting for a rather unusual candidate.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 20/11/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

While the country is all abuzz with election fever, candidates have started the campaign trail (or tail) with one topic high on the agenda. Brexit.

But for one candidate in Kent, there can be no confusion over where they ‘stand’ on the subject.

Peter Cook is an independent candidate standing to be an MP in the General Election. He is also an outspoken anti-Brexit campaigner. But Peter has recently revealed that he is just a spokesperson for a fluffy white and ginger moggy called Stan.

Loveable Stan is feline his chance of beating Labour and the Conservatives with a simple promise to stop Brexit.

A cat with a plan

His other policies including converting the Channel Tunnel into a giant cat flap, putting an army of cats on the roof of Gillingham train station to get rid of the pigeons and providing freedom of movement in neighbouring back gardens.

Peter is in charge of running Stan’s campaign in Gillingham and Rainham, traditionally a safe Conservative seat in Medway, Kent.

Real alternative

Peter believes that as a candidate, Stan is certainly the cat's whiskers and his UCAT party offers voters a “real alternative”. He told Kent Online: “UCAT is an alternative that will negotiate a Brexit deal which is kinder on pets and which sticks two paws up to Johnson and the likes of Jacob Rees-Moggy.”

Posted by UCAT on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Having lived in Medway for all of his life, Peter is passionate about offering people better. “Brexit will make it more likely that Medway falls into greater levels of deprivation and a sense of hopelessness,” he added.

“The situation in Medway mirrors much of the UK and we must rid ourselves of Brexit in order to face the real issues that lie behind the Brexit vote in 2016.”

Cats Against Brexit

Putting Stan forward was initially just a bit of fun on social media. However, once his Facebook page, ‘Cats Against Brexit Mayhem’ began to gain momentum with nearly 700 followers so far, Stan’s bid for political office turned into the real thing.

Peter believes that Stan has a good chance at the polls next month. He said: “It’s difficult to engage interest from people on social media on issues like climate change or conflict. But involve a fluffy animal like a kitty and everyone leaps on board. Cats are much more interesting than economics, war, famine or climate change.”

Gaining support

Stan has a number of human and feline supporters who have been helping him with his campaign.

Some, however, have their own ideas for feline-friendly policies.

Who is Stan up against?

Stan will be up against:

  • Liberal Democrats: Alan Bullion
  • Conservative: Rehman Chishti
  • Labour: Andy Stamp
  • UKIP: Rob McCulloch Martin
  • Green: George Salomon

Good luck Stan!