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Like clockwork: Cat bolts into woman's house every day at 7pm

cat meows at door until she is let in cat-happy
© Pexels

Every day at 7pm, a cat meows, as if possessed behind a family’s door in Korea. Once she is let in, she spends the night and leaves again the next morning at 8am sharp.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 20/11/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

But what does this kitty do for the rest of the day? And why is she always so punctual? The family decided to get to the bottom of it.

An investigation is launched

Indeed, this cat is not their cat, but since they worry she might be hungry, they feed her and give her a comfortable place to sleep day after day anyway. If they’re going to take on such heavy responsibility for her, then they need to know who this kitty really is!

So, the head of the household decides to tie a very long string to the cat’s collar before letting her out of her apartment in the morning. She follows the string around the neighbourhood, discovering step-by-step where her in-home guest has been stopping every day.

Six Dinner Sid

Her first stop is right around the corner. At around 9am, a neighbour feeds her in the street. At 1pm, she sneaks inside a restaurant, and demands her lunch there. Then at 4pm, she goes to have dinner at a local fried-chicken shop. And don’t forget, by 7 pm, she’s back home getting fed by her "landlord"! This kitty has a very busy schedule…and it’s full of food!

Despite her cheeky multiple stops for food, her “owner” worries that her kitty’s just too large to be true. So she takes her to the vet and her suspicions are confirmed…the kitty is pregnant! This is probably why she’d been roaming around and eating every scrap of food she could sink her teeth into!

Her "landlord" prepares a comfortable crate for her to give birth in, but the cat, ironically, prefers to go into labour in a rice container. Luckily, her family doesn’t mind, and decides to make her their permanent "tenant".

We wonder if this sweet kitty will still be making all those stops once she’s no longer taking care of kittens! Our guess is...yes! Check out this adorable kitty's journey by watching this video.