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Animal rights outrage after a stray dog is ‘vandalised’ with green paint

Paint is extremely poisonous for dogs dog-angry
© Shazreen Othuman - Facebook

An animal rights group issued a stark warning after a stray dog was seen covered in green paint, leading some people to believe that the poor pooch had been 'vandalised.'

By Ashley Murphy , 19 Nov 2019

Shazreen Othuman was walking through the Petaling Jaya area in Malaysia when he spotted the unusual looking pooch.

Green was definitely not this dog's colour

At first, he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. But as he got closer to the stray dog, his original suspicions were confirmed. Someone had 'painted' the dog green!

Shazreen took some photos, reported the incident to a local animal rescue centre, and then shared the story on social media. He wrote:

"Such a cute innocent fellow but why the green?? I don't think he has an owner though, Idiotic mentality some humans have...It is totally inhuman to think of doing such things."

 The Malaysian Association of Veterinary Pathology (MAVP) released a statement. It read: 

"Paint is very dangerous for animals. It can also be lethal because it interrupts the respiratory system, causes nausea, dizziness and skin allergies."

"This stupid and idiotic act is no joke. In fact, it is animal cruelty and it persecutes an innocent dog. Such an act is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2015."

Unfortunately, this isn't the only case of its kind. The MAVP also reported an instance of a cat being covered in blue paint.

It's unclear if the incidents are related, but animal protection officers have urged the public to contact the authorities if they have any information.

The case is still open

The dog suffered a severe case of poisoning after ingesting some of the green paint and is currently recovering in an animal hospital.

Meanwhile, the search for whoever was responsible continues.  Let's hope they find this person before they hurt any more innocent animals.