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Top 5 original gift ideas for your dog this Christmas (and for all budgets)

Red Setter next to Christmas tree dog-happy
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If you’re anything like us here at Wamiz, your pooch is on the list of those you need to shop for at Christmas. In fact, he’s probably at the top of the list!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 16/11/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

But it’s hard to shop for our dogs! We already got them so much for their birthday, and for last Christmas…and for Halloween…and Easter…and pretty much every other occasion (and non-occasion) in between!

Out of ideas? Fret not, we’ve got a fresh new list of Christmas gift ideas for dogs right here for you. Good luck not buying everything!!

1. A Kong

Ok, this one's not really original, but we're starting with a classic! Most of you probably already have a Kong at home, but we think these simple toys are so great that they just HAVE to be mentioned here. Kongs come in all sizes suitable for various breeds. The idea is to stuff it with dog food, and…voila! Dogs spend time getting the food out, which keeps them busy if you’re out of the house, but it’s also a great mental stimulator! Plus, Kongs enable dogs to perform a very natural behaviour for them: chewing!


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2. A subscription to Butternutbox

Your dog will certainly appreciate this one, since it involves, you guessed it, food! With Butternutbox’s website, you can customise a meal plan for your pooch based on his/her breed, age, size, and so on. Butternutbox prepares meals from fresh ingredients and deliver them in perfect portions right to your doorstep. All the meals delivered are 60% meat, 40% veggies, and contain no grains at all! To add to this, it’s vet-approved, and, according to the reactions we’ve seen of pups digging in, pooch-approved too!


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3. A Mishiko GPS & Fitness Tracker

For those of you looking for a little more high-tech gift, look no further! Whether your dog is an escape artist or not, you’ll never have to worry again with this smart tool in your hands. The tracker is attached to your dog’s collar, and can then be connected to an app on your phone. With it, you can keep track of where your dog is in real-time and at all times. Plus, the built-in activity tracker can help you monitor your dog’s health, which is particularly helpful if you’re trying to help him/her lose weight!


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4. Matching Disney outfits

This one’s for all you Disney fans out there. As you know, Disney + will soon be launching in the UK (31st of March), which means we’ll be spending most of April cuddling with our pooches on the couch and binging all our favourite nostalgia shows. And what better to do this with than with matching Disney pj’s and cute outfits? We’re betting it’ll still be cold in April, so best to stay wrapped up!


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5. A Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for dogs

And last but not least, if you’re looking for something especially Christmas themed, why not opt for an advent calendar…for your pooch! Open every day until Christmas! The variety is huge, the oven-baked treats are both tasty and healthy, the box is super cute, and let’s face it, this is great fun for us too! Just don’t mix up your own advent calendar with the dog’s or you’ll be in for a strange surprise!


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