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WATCH: Border Collie adopts a litter of six adorable kittens

Skye is the perfect foster mum dog-cat-happy
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A Border Collie with a huge heart has rewritten the script on the history of cats and dogs after she adopted six stray kittens and started raising them like her own!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 18/11/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

14-year-old Skye lives in Cumbria with her dog-mum Caroline Yon. As an intake leader at Oak Tree Animal Charity, Caroline regularly fosters animals in need.

A new kind of furry family

But when she brought home a litter of six kittens rescued from a building site, Skye decided to take charge. The big-hearted pooch had helped raise stray puppies before, but this was the first time she extended her love to kittens.

Putting aside hundreds of years of inter-species rivalry, Skye treated the little furballs like her own. She groomed them, snuggled them, and, like any good mum, kept a watchful eye over them during playtime.

Caroline gave the Metro newspaper an insight into Skye's adorable routine. She said:

"Skye was a natural, she soon had their coats shining and fluffy, and she was super diligent not only ensuring they toileted after every meal, but cleaning up thoroughly afterwards."

"She's also very calm and tolerates being used as a kitty climbing frame well."

Staff from Oak Tree Animal Charity did manage to locate the kitten's mum, but she showed no interest in her babies. The feral cat was then spayed and released.

Five of the little furry gang have now found permanent homes, and we're sure it won't be too long before the remaining kitty finds a forever family.

Two mums are better than one

Skye will even be able to watch some of her 'babies' grow as two of the kittens were adopted by Caroline!

"Black cats are always harder to rehome, but these are so sociable and love all the attention," said Caroline. "Mine are called Amy Winecat and Paloma Peanut."

It looks like these lucky cats have got a very happy life ahead of them. After all, they've got two amazing mums!

Dog becomes 'foster mum' to kittens

"It's just fantastic, it melts everybody's hearts" Skye the Border Collie has taken on the role of foster mum to six abandoned kittens ??❤️️ (via BBC North East and Cumbria)

Posted by BBC England on Saturday, October 12, 2019