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Drowning dog is about to give up hope but rescuers give her the will to live

The dog was about to give up hope dog-wow
© Animal Aid Unlimited, India - Youtube

They say that cats have nine lives, but it looks like this pooch had at least one spare after animal welfare officers rescued her from the bottom of a deep well.

By Ashley Murphy , 18 Nov 2019

A local villager in India spotted the dog after hearing some unusual sounds coming from a nearby water well.

The desperate pooch looked exhausted and had clearly been swimming around for hours to keep her head above water.

A desperate dog finds a lifeline

The unnamed villager knew he couldn't reach the dog himself, so he called a local animal rescue service.

He waited by the well, but as the minutes passed by, he saw the dog start to lose hope. Then just as she was about to slip under the water forever, officers from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on the scene.

The sight of a rescue team reignited the pup, and she found another burst of energy to keep afloat as her hero abseiled down the well.

She was then lifted to safety and transported to a nearby animal hospital. Vets said she was dehydrated and found some minor injuries to her paw pads, likely caused by her desperate attempts to climb up the wall.

We don't know if the dog was a stray or has since been reunited with its owner. Either way, she was in good hands with the guys from Animal Aid Unlimited.

Located in Rajasthan, India, Animal Aid Unlimited, saves thousands of animals every year through its street rescue programmes and spay/neuter initiatives.

A dedicated team of animal lovers

Volunteers also visit local schools and business to help people make more compassionate choices regarding animal welfare.

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