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Stop the press: The week’s cutest pet posts are in

The cutest pets to hit the internet dog-cat-happy
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Talking pooches, loving kittens, jumping rescues! We’ve done a round of the best pet posts to hit the internet and we know you’re gonna love it…

By Natasha James

Published on the 17/11/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

1. The dog who learnt to talk

We dream of the day when our pets learn to talk, this incredible pooch seems to have done just that and her first sentence is a doozy, “Happy. Ball. Want. Outside.” As if to illustrate that this isn’t just a fluke, she then goes and stands by the door to wait for her owner to let her out. We’re shocked and happy and we kind of want to go outside...!

2. The cat who perfected her miaow

There’s something special about an animal finding their voice and this little kitty finds hers in spectacular style. Adele eat your heart out...


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3. The dog who can’t stop jumping for joy

We’re firm believers that all dogs deserve love and a forever home but does a rescue dog really understand what's happened? This pooch literally cannot stop jumping for joy now he’s been rescued so we’d say yes, they know exactly what's happened.


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4. The kitten who learnt to love fuss

Transforming from a wild kitten to a loving cat can’t be easy but little Franny and her dedicated rescuer show the nation exactly how it’s done.


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5. The dog who joined her human in a good old scream

We defy you not to laugh at this. This gorgeous husky and her equally adorable little human friend have an absolute whale of a time screaming the house down.