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WATCH: This huge dog’s hilarious reaction to tiny new kitten

Funny husky scared of tiny kitten dog-wow
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Our pets often rule the roost so introducing a newcomer is never easy. This dog, however, seemed to be particularly surprised at the arrival of the new kitten…

By Natasha James , 18 Nov 2019

A second pet

Whenever you adopt a new pet, it’s always important to consider the meeting process and preparing your existing pooch to meet the new arrival. But ultimately, however well prepared, you’re always likely to feel a little nervous at the first introduction.

Primitive breeds, in particular, have strong hunting instincts, making the coexistence with other pets one to consider carefully. This dog's owners were very careful about introducing him to his tiny sister. They needn't have worried though...

This video shows that you can’t judge a pooch by its cover!

Little and large

We see the huge dog lying quite still as the tiniest of kittens explores her home for the first time. Almost oblivious to her huge big brother, the little kitty walks inbetween his paws and over his legs in order to explore her surroundings.

At one point in the video, we see this diminutive kitty cat charging forwards despite the big pooch standing in her way and the large dog backs off almost as if a little intimidated!

Maybe he’d heard the phrase, "from small acorns, mighty oak trees grow"! We think he can relax though, there’s very little chance she’ll outgrow her big bro.

By the end of the video, the two furry animals seem like the best of friends. This seems like a Hollywood movie in the making, we’ll be first in line to get tickets!

Watch the video here: