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Tribute to Gudule, Wamiz Office Cat

Gudule lying down in the office cat-sad
© Wamiz

12th of November, 2019. You crossed the rainbow bridge to join many others we have loved and lost over the years, and you took a little piece of us with you.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 14/11/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Gudule was a small-bodied cat with a big personality. She always looked strict and angry, but in fact, she was just a whole lot of love.

The first (and best) happiness officer

When we said hello to her, she always responded with her very unique voice. She then proceeded to roll over onto her back, asking us to pet her. But the attention remained on her terms: she didn’t like to be picked up – she was always a wild spirit at heart.

She met a lot of Wamiz team members over the years. She first encountered us when we moved to our current location 4 years ago. She was the one who kick-started our ‘Pets at Work’ initiative by closely inspecting our offices, and by sprawling across our keyboards, as any good cat would do. She was our shadow during coffee breaks, and our enemy when it came to being productive. Indeed, she had her very own favourite catnip toy which she LOVED to go crazy on – and we couldn’t help but stop whatever we were doing to watch her and laugh hysterically.


Then we welcomed several dogs into our offices. Gudule started spending less time inside with us, but we continued to enjoy her constant presence in the beautiful courtyard outside, where her previous owner had left her 8 years ago. Since then, a few neighbours shared ‘custody’ of her, fulfilling her every need.  Today, they are heavy-hearted. We are thinking of them, and thank them for having taken care of our sweet Gudule, especially Véronique and Geneviève, who put a roof over her head.

Gudule on table outside
© Wamiz

With time, Wamiz grew bigger. With time, Gudule grew older.

We saw her become more and more fragile. But we convinced ourselves she was immortal.

She limped somewhat but she still had her joie de vivre – always greeting us, tail up and head ready for a scratch. Coincidence or not, several of our team members enjoyed a particularly tender moment with her on Friday before splitting up for the weekend.

But we didn’t see her again when we returned.

To you, Gudule

Devastatingly, your little 16-year-old body was too frail. Those who took you under their wing all those years ago were the ones who held your paw during your last journey, and those who cry for you today.

You are leaving Wamiz feeling empty too.

As we searched for photos of you to say goodbye properly, we realised we were many to have some. You were a pet to us all.

The dogs won’t look for you in the courtyard anymore. We won’t cuddle you under the sunshine warming the cobblestones anymore.

But you will come home. Your ashes will be spread under the wisteria, in the flower pots you so loved to sleep in.

Rest in peace Gudule, we hope your little body feels light and devoid of pain once again.

The Wamiz Team

© Wamiz