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WATCH: Owner can’t believe Great Dane’s dramatic reaction to meeting new pup

Jealous Great Dane with owner dog-wow
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Introducing a new dog into the family is an exciting time. But one owner couldn’t believe the way her Great Dane reacted to meeting the new family member.

By Zoe Monk , 17 Nov 2019

Great Danes are often referred to as gentle giants. They are playful, affectionate, very loyal and make great family pets. But as one Great Dane has shown, they can also be rather jealous.


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Bagira the Great Dane

Bagira is a Great Dane who lives with his owner Lindsey Heinz and a doggy sibling. Lindsey decided that she wanted to expand her canine family and offer a loving home to another adopted dog.

Lindsey was delighted to bring home a tiny cute puppy and was looking forward to introducing the pup to her other two dogs.

Jealous pup

But Bagira showed he wasn’t at all impressed with the new family member.

Bagira spotted the little pup comfortably snuggled into Lindsey’s arms and immediately got overwhelmed with jealousy.

The big dog lifts his front paws up and towers over Lindsey as he leans into her. It’s clear how much he loves his owner and doesn’t want to share her affections with this new little furball.

Bagira seems determined to stop Lindsey from cuddling the puppy. He paws her and seems to beg her to stroke him instead.

Dramatic reaction

When Bagira growls, Lindsey replies: “I can pet him too…it’s not all about you!

"You're so dramatic," Lindsay said.

But despite his owner telling him that she loves him, Bagira still wasn't convinced and looks at his owner desperate for her attention.

While all this drama is going on, Lindsey’s other dog doesn’t seem bothered at all and just strolls around the room before trying to squeeze in for a stroke. But Lindsey is too busy trying to deal with Bagira’s dramatic jealous reaction.

While all this is going on, the little pup just sits still in Lindsey’s arms, watching what’s going on.

YouTube star

The video of Bagira’s drama queen moment was posted on YouTube and has had 1,191,103 views so far. After watching the footage, several YouTubers commented about the dog’s enormous size, while one posted:

“This is so typical of the Great Danes I know and I grew up with them. They're such big babies but pretty harmless in their families. Ours behaved the same way.”

We hope the three pups all become good friends.