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Groom who didn’t want a pet gives his bride the most wonderful wedding gift

Couple on their wedding day cat-happy
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As one couple got closer to their wedding, the Bride-to-be was unaware that her Groom had a secret plan to make her feel like she was the cat that got the cream.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 29/03/2021, 06:30

It’s always hard when one person desperately wants a pet but their partner doesn’t really want any.

It's a situation that Kaylee Schmidt and her fiancé Orion Metheny found themselves in. While they had enjoyed five years of romantic bliss together, the only thing they couldn’t agree on was pets.

Cat lover

While Orion liked animals, he never saw himself as being a pet owner. But it couldn’t be more different for Kaylee. She had grown up with cats and wasn’t looking forward to leaving her family's beloved cat Nala behind when she left her parents house to get married. It was no secret that Kaylee felt terribly sad to be leaving Nala and desperately wanted a cat once she was married.

Secret plan

Despite Orion’s reluctance to get a pet, he started working on a secret plan that would make Kaylee’s big day even more special.

When Orion heard about a tiny kitten that had been abandoned and found wandering around near where he lived, he saw it as a sign. He decided he would adopt the little kitten and surprise Kaylee on their wedding day. The cute kitten would later be called Chloe.

Little furry surprise

He let photographer Megan O’Dell of Wild and Wonderful Photography, in on his feline plan. On the day of the wedding, just before the ceremony, the couple had arranged for Megan to take some romantic photos of the pair as they saw each other all dressed up for the first time.

As Kaylee waited for Orion, Megan told her that he had a little surprise for her.

Shocked and delighted

“I have to admit that part of me was hopeful for an animal, but didn't think it would actually happen,” Kaylee told The Dodo. “Orion had seemed pretty apprehensive about getting a cat when we had talked about it in the past. Plus, while I was turned around still, I couldn’t hear any animals making noises so I thought the surprise must be something else.”

When Kaylee was told that she could finally turn around her eyes fell on her fiancé holding a little fluffy kitten. “I think the first thing I said was, ‘Shut up!’ I was totally shocked and couldn’t believe he had a kitten with him,” Kaylee said. “Then I got emotional when it processed that this was our kitten to keep!”

As the photos show, Kaylee’s face went from shock to pure joy as the couple cuddled the newest member of their family.

“Orion knew I was sad to be leaving Nala,” Kaylee said. “I’ve talked about wanting a cat once we got married. He knew how much joy a cat would bring me, plus make the transition easier. So the wedding day seemed like a perfect opportunity.”

Calm and cuddly

While it may have been a big day for Kaylee and Orion, it was also an important day for little Chloe.

“Chloe was so calm and cuddly,” Kaylee said. “Which is so crazy to think back on now, because now she is so rambunctious and playful all the time!”

After the photo shoot, the couple handed over Chloe to a friend so they could get married. But the newlyweds were thrilled to bring her home and start their new life as a married couple with her. Chloe has settled in very well and the couple is very happy to share their home with her. Even Orion.

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