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Dog walks down the street: passers-by take their phones out and start recording!

dog jumps with excitement dog-happy
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It was a day like any other until this lovely pooch walked down the street. Clearly loving life and enjoying it to the fullest, he put a smile on everyone's face!

By Justine Seraphin , 12 Nov 2019

It all started when a woman walked her Bearded Collie down the street one morning.

A unique way to take a stroll

You’ve walked a dog, or at least, you’ve seen others walk dogs : usually the dogs are walking to a heel, or for those more mischievous ones, dragging their owners behind them!

But this dog is doing neither. He has a very special way of walking. After all, walkies are the best, especially when you’re a collie with loads of energy!

In fact, this guy just CAN’T contain his excitement, and he’s not afraid to show it!

While still on the lead, the collie bounds up in the air, making the highest jumps possible, and more than likely thinking:

“Yay!! A walk!! This is the best day ever!! Isn’t it the best day ever mum?! It’s the best day EVER!”

An unusual sight

All the pedestrians who crossed this pooch’s path were utterly surprised at his behaviour, and couldn’t help but burst out into fits of laughter!

The dog’s owner, on the other hand, doesn’t seem phased at all by this behaviour – which she clearly is witness to on a regular basis!

We think there is a lot we as humans could learn from this happy pooch – enjoy every moment, even the littlest of things, because everything that makes us happy is worth celebrating! Wouldn't you agree?


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