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Woman opens a cooler she finds in the street, and screams in horror

puppies inside a cooler dog-angry
© L D Rogillio Garrison - Facebook

It’s already hard to understand how someone could abandon one animal, but abandoning nine?! It seems too cruel to be true, yet that’s exactly what happened…

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 12/11/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

A woman was walking down a quiet street when she came across a cooler which seemed to be in good condition. She decided to check whether anything was inside, but could never have imagined what she found…

An alarming discovery

9 puppies had been stuffed inside, one on top of the other, all covered in faeces and urine. The poor pups were over-heating, panting excessively, and clearly uncomfortable.

The woman immediately contacted local rescue Hunts County Pets Alive, who rapidly dispatched a member of staff to come pick up the puppies.

LD Rogillio Garrison, founder and president at Hunts County Pets Alive, posted a picture on Facebook to share her rage:

“This has made me lose all faith in humanity!”

According to the vets who examined them, the puppies must’ve been abandoned only a few hours before the woman discovered them, otherwise they wouldn’t have survived in such dire conditions.

All is well that ends well

Despite the terrible conditions they were discovered in, the pups were soon on the road to recovery! The 5 males and 4 females grew fast, getting stronger and more beautiful each day!

Once they received a full health check and vaccinations, they were ready to go off to their new homes! A happy ending for lucky puppies whose fates were uncertain not so long ago!