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WATCH: Labradoodles insist owner goes outside where they make shocking discovery

White and black labradoodles dog-wow
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When two Labradoodles in Michigan insist that their owner goes outside, no one could have expected these two loveable pups would turn into lifesaving heroes.

By Zoe Monk , 11 Nov 2019

Dogs are thoughtful, loyal and intelligent animals and sometimes have been known to go to extreme lengths to show just how much they care about the wellbeing of us humans.

The Labradoodles Adam and Eva live in Michigan with their owners Lonnie and Susan Chester. Lonnie and Susan were rudely awoken one morning around 4.30 am by the dogs' continuous barking. The dogs had become increasingly restless which was quite out of the ordinary for them.

Adam repeatedly pulled on Lonnie’s sleeve until his owner finally got up and followed the two dogs to the door. But once he'd properly woken up, Lonnie quickly realised that the dogs were actually getting ready to dart outside. This made Lonnie think that there could be something outside the door that had worried or unsettled the dogs.

Surprise discovery

Curious and understandably a little concerned, Lonnie opened the door and the dogs immediately ran outside and headed straight to the driveway. Lonnie followed behind them and soon spotted a woman lying on the ground in just her nightgown. The elderly lady, who was nearly 90, was, not surprisingly, freezing in the 9-degree weather.

Lonnie told NBC News:“She looked up at me and said, ‘I’m so cold.'

“I have no idea how long she had been out there. She must have been terrified.”

Lonnie carried the lady inside and covered her with blankets to warm her up, before phoning the police who arrived soon afterwards.

Clever canines

Susan said: “[We felt] just incredible, just incredibly proud, just amazed at these dogs and how sensitive they are. They just have super sensitivities.

“They seem incredibly intelligent to me. They pick up on things, they’re really responsive, and [they’re] really tuned in dogs.”

Frozen and confused

It is believed that the lady was close to 90 years old and seemed confused when the couple found her. But as Susan added, it was quite a miracle that the dogs found the poor lady.

She added: "I do believe [the woman] was led to our house. We think she saw the lights on our house and went toward our house because other than [the lights from] our house, it was really dark."

The woman’s relieved family, who arrived at the Chester's house to collect her, had been searching all night for her.

But the good news is that the lady, about to celebrate her 70th wedding anniversary, has recovered from her ordeal. However, she did develop frostbite in her foot from spending time outside in the freezing cold conditions.

Well done Adam and Eva!