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WATCH: Dog rings doorbell after getting locked out in the cold

Chika is one smart dog dog-wow
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A super-smart pooch used all her canine brainpower to ring the front doorbell bell with her nose after getting locked out of the house on a cold winter night!

By Ashley Murphy , 11 Nov 2019

Chika is a Labrador mix who lives with her dog mum and dad in a small town in Georgia, USA.

A dog's life

As far as a dog's life goes, Chika has got it pretty sweet. She gets lots of attention from her owners, Robert and Angelia Fox, as well as daily walkie times and even the occasional dog treat.

More importantly, there's always a  warm bed waiting for Chika at the end of the day.

But on a cold winter night last week, Chika found herself locked out of the house after a mix up by her owners. It seems like each one had thought the other had put Chika to bed for the night. Little did they know the poor pup was freezing out on the porch!

Luckily, Chika is one smart pooch who discovered how to get her sleeping human's attention. A surveillance camera attached to the front door shows the brainiac dog jumping up on her hind legs and then pressing the doorbell with her nose!

It takes a few attempts, but the noise eventually wakes up Robert Fox who opens the door to one very relieved pooch. Chika then curled up for a good night's sleep in a warm, comfy bed.

Furry little Einsteins

Dogs like Chika prove that our pooches are capable of sophisticated ways of thinking. These include abstract thought, imagination, and theory of mind, where a person (or a pooch) can understand that others may have different beliefs or intentions to their own.

In fact, when it comes to this very subtle skill, some experts believe our dogs are little geniuses! Now watch the video and see if you agree!