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Purina backs seven start-ups to drive pet care innovation in 2023

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Purina has been supporting the most innovative start-ups on the market for a number of years through their renowned Unleashed program. 

Since its launch, Unleashed has driven innovation in pet care and contributed to the development of new pet care businesses. In doing so, it provides meaningful solutions for pet owners, all powered by the Purina Accelerator Lab.

Purina has announced the seven start-ups that will participate in the 2023 edition of its acclaimed Unleashed programme. From assistive devices for companion animals to a unique fingerprint identification technology, this year's Unleashed showcases the best innovative products and services from across the industry. 

Hailing from different regions of the world, these start-ups will benefit from business development packages tailored to their needs. They'll also have access to a coaching programme and to Purina's in-depth commercial expertise to help boost their brand visibility.

The winners will be accelerated by Purina Unleashed champions and industry experts for twenty weeks. Leveraging Purina's 125+ year history and powerful R&D capabilities, the programme includes a structured and funded project of up to 50,000 Swiss francs (£44.5K), to help the start-ups achieve their pre-set goals and enable the owners to reach their key business objectives.

The winners of the 2023 edition

The winners of Unleashed 2023 are as follows:

  • Bookmypet (United Arab Emirates) is a leading digital platform that connects pet owners with local service providers. 
  • Dogami (France) is an accessible, mobile-oriented web3 game based on adorable 3D NFT avatars of dogs.
  • Feelloo (France) is a French-made, subscription-free, connected tag designed to help cat owners care for their furry friend.
  • LampoVet (Italy) is a telemedicine portal offering specialised support for the nutritional treatment of chronic and new-onset diseases in dogs and cats.
  • Petopy (Turkey) is a digital assistant for pet owners, offering veterinarians and pet owners a variety of services.
  • S'more (Japan) uses noseprint identification technology to identify dogs and link all the dog's data to its nose.
  • VetChip (Australia) is a smart animal health monitor designed to help animals live healthier, happier, longer lives. It has all the functions of a standard microchip and much more.
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Pushing the future of pet care

Since its inception, Unleashed has accelerated 18 start-ups, including Kibus, a home appliance which helps to cook balanced pet food based in Spain and Animoscope, a telehealth pet-care service provider in France, which empowers pet owners to make decisions based on expertise and data.

The 2023 programme, which announced winners in March, was designed to build on this success by bringing new and cutting-edge products and services to the forefront of the industry, further enriching life for pets and their owners. 

Kim Bill, Head of the Purina Accelerator Lab, added: “Whilst competition this year was fierce, we are proud to be supporting these start-ups in their journey to disrupt the pet-care and pet-technology sectors, and help them achieve their business goals. Meeting consumer pain points has become increasingly harder across a saturated pet market, however we’ve seen some really robust products that are propelling Petcare into the future. Thank you to all of the talented business owners that entered this year’s programme.”

Satsuki Sawashima co-Founder of S’more said: “The accelerator program has given us the opportunity to take the first step toward building a society where people and pets coexist together. We believe that by implementing the validation of the science and technology of nasal print recognition, and by improving the credibility of the industry through our partnership with Purina, we will also be able to more effectively promote stakeholder acceptance and validate our business

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