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Couple use huge national lottery win to give sick kitty a fighting chance

The couple will donate to several animal charities cat-happy
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When this couple won the jackpot on the Lottery, they weren't thinking about buying a fancy new car. Instead, they used the money to help save their sick kitty!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 10/11/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Gavin and Sylvia Odolant-Smith, from Battersea in south-west London, scooped £3.6million from the National Lottery Set for Life draw after buying a lucky dip ticket earlier this year.

A lucky break for a cat in need

The couple couldn't believe their luck and soon started planning how to use their new wealth, which is paid out in monthly instalments of £10,000 for the next 30 years.

But they weren't thinking about flash sports, luxury yachts, or new designer wardrobes. Instead, the top priority was to pay for some expensive cancer treatment for their poorly rescue cat!

The couple owns two rescue kitties called Phangan and Zia. Unfortunately, Phangan was diagnosed with cancer last year, and his cat parents were struggling to cover the expensive vet bills.

Now, thanks to this massive stroke of luck,  Phangan is getting the best treatment money can buy. He's still got a big fight ahead of him, so let's all keep ours paw crossed for the furry little guy.

Sylvia Odolant-Smith told the Metro newspaper that she'd only started buying tickets six weeks before hitting the jackpot. So was it all just random chance? Or did the kitty gods intervene to help give their fur-baby a fighting chance?

Spreading the wealth

Either way, Phangan isn't the only four-legged furball who'll benefit from the couple's big win. They're also making large donations to several animal charities, including Wood Green Animal Shelter, where they adopted Phangan and Zia,  and a dog home in Wales called Tyr Capel Animal Sanctuary.

Gavin and Sylvia are also planning a dream trip to Disneyland with their nieces next year. Good on you, guys! You deserve a little treat for yourselves!