A royally good brood: new exhibition shows the Royals' love of pets

Royal family with dogs dog-wow © royalswithdogs - Instagram

Buckingham Palace is to stage a special exhibition to show off the royal family’s love of their animals and it looks like we’re all in for a royal treat!

By Natasha James

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The Queen is famed for her love of Corgis but did you know that Prince Charles loves Jack Russells or that Meghan Markle can’t resist rescue dogs? There’s a lot more to find out too and it will all be covered in the upcoming exhibition.


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Summer 2020

Visitors to Buckingham Palace over summer 2020 will be in for a treat as they view artworks across the royal collection dedicated to their pets.

The Queen has owned over 30 Corgis to date many of whom were direct descendants to the very first Corgi she owned (named Susan) who was gifted as a present to her on her 18th birthday.


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And it’s not just dogs, the Queen also loves horses and is lauded for her incredible knowledge on equine breeding. A special segment will be dedicated to horses and the important role they play in royal events such as trooping the colour.

A dog-loving family

And it seems that a love of dogs runs right the way through the royal bloodline. Prince Charles is the proud owner of 18-year-old Jack Russell, Tigga; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a Cocker Spaniel named Lupo; the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also have two dogs.


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There are plenty of treats in store, and if you’re already something of a royalist and a pet lover, then this exhibition is going to be the perfect way to spend your summer.


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