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Puppy in the middle of the road is ignored by everyone until a kind person stops

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This adorable little puppy almost didn’t make it, but thanks to the kindness of a stranger, she gets a second chance at life.

When she was found, the poor pup was soaking wet, exhausted, shivering from the cold and covered from nose to tail in fleas. She’d almost given up hope.

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Abandoned by the roadside

Bali has a large population of stray dogs, so perhaps it’s not surprising that this little dog didn’t attract attention by the side of the road, despite her poor condition and clear distress.

The pup, named Nala by her rescuers, was wrapped in a towel and taken to The Little Steps Matter, a volunteer-run shelter that looks after the island’s stray dogs.

Despite her traumatic start, Nala has proven to be a real little fighter. Thanks to the care and attention she received at the shelter, Nala made a full recovery. It wasn’t long before she was back on her paws and loving life.

Happy ending for Nala

To her rescuers’ delight, the frightened, shivering and flea-ridden puppy has transformed into a happy and confident young dog full of energy and zest for life.

Here's Nala's heartbreaking to heartwarming story:

Not surprisingly, everyone at the shelter has fallen for Nala’s charms and can’t resist cuddling her or playing ball with her. They are confident that this brave pup won’t take long to find the loving home she deserves.

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