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WATCH: New Xmas advert reminds people that a dog is always for life

Corkie finds himself on the street just a day after Xmas dog-sad
© Dogs Trust - Youtube

A leading animal charity has created a heartbreaking TV advert to remind would-be pet owners that a dog is for life, and not just for Christmas.

By Ashley Murphy , 9 Nov 2019

The Dogs Trust knows all about helping pooches in need. Set-up way back in 1891, the charity now rescues, rehomes, and cares for over 15,000 animals every year.

Many people want puppies for Xmas

But like many other animal rescue charities, The Dogs Trust always reports a spike in the numbers of abandoned pooches following the festive period.

Google searches for puppies go up by 44% during December. However, it seems that many people still don't understand the old adage that a dog is for life, and not just for Christmas.

So rather than repeat the same old messages, The Dogs Trust have come up with a brand new advert to educate anyone thinking about buying a pooch as a gift.

The minute clip features Corkie, a tiny animated pup made from bottle corks. He spends Christmas day playing with his new family at the dinner table, where he leaps over a sprig of holly, nudges away a nasty brussel sprout with his nose, and even has a little roll around in a gravy puddle.

But when the Christmas fun ends, Corkie finds himself swept away with the rest of the rubbish and dumped in a box by the side of the cold winter streets.

It's only when he pops his head out of the box that we realise Corkie is a real dog abandoned by his new owners the day after Christmas. But don't worry, the 'real' Corkie is quickly rescued by a friendly member of the Dogs Trust team!

People must understand what it means to own a dog

Owen Sharp is a director at The Dogs Trust. He hopes the advert will work as a stark reminder of the long term responsibility involved in getting a dog.

"It's very easy to pick a puppy at the click of a button, but dogs don't come with a gift receipt," said Owen. "We're just asking that people are sure they are ready for the long-term commitment that comes with it."