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WATCH: Heart-warming video of injured dog’s unbelievable recovery

WATCH: Heart-warming video of injured dog’s unbelievable recovery dog-serious
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It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare: adorable pooch Dagwood was hit by a car and given 10% chance of survival. What follows is unbelievable…

By Natasha James , 9 Nov 2019

Dog lovers

Brianna and Keith Madia are dog lovers to the extreme. Along with their two pooches they decided to leave normal life, move into their van and hit the road for dog-friendly adventures across America.

All was going well and the family seemed to be having tons of fun until tragedy struck and one of their beloved pooches, Dagwood, was hit by a car.

The loving couple immediately dropped everything and sped to the nearest emergency vet (some 300 miles away from their location).

A very poorly pup

Upon arrival Dagwood appeared to be in a very serious condition. The veterinary team warned the heartbroken couple that their pup had a less than 10% chance of survival.

They obviously hadn’t factored in the difference a whole lot of love can make though and, of course, the contagious spirit of gorgeous Dagwood.

The video follows the pup’s long and slow road to recovery, all powered by the love and dedication of his owners.

The road to recovery

With feeding tubes and shaved patches from the various operations required, poor Dagwood cuts a very sorry figure indeed.

The video is heart-wrenching until the moment little Dagwood finally begins his recovery by giving his devoted owners a big slobbery kiss!

We see Dagwood’s tentative first steps with the aid of harnesses held by his owners. You can’t help but wonder if this poorly pooch will ever make it back to full health.

Next, Dagwood is wrapped in a blanket and carried to his van home.

We won’t ruin what happens next, we’ll let you watch it instead. It’s a tear-jerker!

Dog Who Had 10% Chance Of Surviving Makes His Family SO Proud

This is what a miracle looks like ✨

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, October 30, 2019